Welcome to Bonewalkers Plus

“Don’t deny, modify!’ The bone lady says.

A local original and former special ed teacher and tennis player, creates the special education of exercise for Boomers and Seniors, BONEWALKESPLUS PROGRAM.

Vicki Buckley, leader of the Bonewalkers osteoporosis support group in Brevard for 6 yr and known as the the Bone Lady of Brevard, now offers you the ABILITY TO TARGET IN on your preserving your joints and bones with BONEWALKERS PLUS. Bonewalkers Plus is an osteoporosis and joint-safe graduated,musical exercise program that improves balance, posture, flexibility,strength and memory. There are bits of Ballet, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, and Physical Therapy in Bonewalkers Plus.

Vicki has both a Masters in special education,and a license in Group Fitness Instructor,from AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America which subscribes to standards of the ACSM American College Of Sport Medicine). and is license as an aesthetician.

BonewalkersPlus is all, what any Boomer or Senior needs to keep their muscles in working order plus your much needed socialization. Vicki says her “goal is to empower, educate and keep people’s aches and pain at bay for them while giving them a sense of normalcy and hope as they take action and participate.” This social support and a sense of community, where others know your name and have things in common with you, is key. This is not some loud pounding, you lay twisted on a mat, in a vacuum, group exercise class where no one knows what is going on with you. You are monitored. You are unique. She has modifications for you to stand or sit.

Vicki is passionate about helping others not fall thru the cracks in the system as she did after her knee surgery. She reports “after physical therapy, she bounced from group class to group class, getting reinjured in all of them and then going solo to the gym. This was not only frustrating and time consuming, but lonely and depressing.”

In her frustration she thought, why shouldn’t more people have access to effective yet gentle strategic exercise to accommodate their shoulders, backs, knees and wrists?

Not every one can afford physical therapy for every joint or has insurance or time to go to the doctors to get a referral. You have to have a critical problem before the doc writes a script for PT and often first they’ll try drugs. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for them and they can be a God sent but after the crisis is over often people are lob sided in their strength and it will only be a vicious cycle unless they exercise strategically. Thus BONEWALKERS PLUS was born.

Vicki created, researched, consulted and used her own class experiences over two years she taught BONEWALKERSPLUS, her ministry, to perfect it. She walks the walk and talks the talk. She is there with you, having osteoporosis herself, experiencing the need for modifications due to her challenges and over-use injuries and inherited joint and spine challenges.

Vicki also offers ASEA spray for natural healing. Tested on athletes and improved their endurance and stalled their fatigue in marathon races, the redox molecules in ASEA are the Paul Revere of your body without which your brain would never get the message that an injury has occurred and needs your healers to rush over. Thus your own body is healing itself, without additives. Redox molecules are native to your body. Your own Redox molecules become faulty and fewer in number ,as we age or develop conditions.

Fortunately, ASEA is absorbed locally thru the skin. It will reduce inflammation where ever you spray it. Her mother got rid of her swollen knees and pain, by spraying it on her knees.

ASEA can be drunk. Vicki herself has gotten rid of a lung nodule since drinking a shot glass a day for a year and resolved a gene deficiency after two years, miraculously surprising her pulomologist.

Either way,drunk or sprayed, ASEA replenishes your body’s Redox molecules, allowing it to resume communication between the cells of your body and to the brain resulting in speed healing. Vicki reports, many people in her classes have lost knee pain, psoriasis, improved acne and have rapid healing of bruises, arthritis, headaches, itching, erased itchy, mango rash on face, scabs and colds with ASEA. Try it. See what it does for you.

Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, subscribes to standards of the ACSM American College Of Sport Medicine