Welcome to Bone Makers

“Don’t deny, modify!” The bone lady says.

A local original and former special ed teacher and tennis player, creates the special education of exercise for Boomers and Seniors, BONE MAKERS EXERCISE AND WELLNESS PROGRAM or “wellness for imperfect bodies”.

Vicki Buckley, leader of the Bone Walkers Plus osteoporosis support group in Brevard for 6 yr and known as the the Bone Lady of Brevard, now offers you the ABILITY TO TARGET IN on your preserving your joints and bones with BONE MAKERS. Bone Makers is an osteoporosis and joint-safe graduated,  rotational, symmetric and musical wellness program that improves bones, balance, posture and  memory. There are bits of Ballet, Yoga,  and preventive Post Rehab and Special Education in Bone Makers.

Vicki has both a Masters in Special Education, learning disabilities and is a certified  Group Fitness instructor, with a senior emphasis, licensed through AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America which subscribes to standards of the ACSM (American College Of Sport Medicine). She is also a licensed aesthetician.

Bone Makers is all, what any Boomer or Senior needs to keep their muscles in every day working order plus you have your much needed socialization by attending class. Vicki says her “goal is to empower, educate and inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle.  Graduated exercise levels in class assure people that we accept you where you are. Students learn how to manage their aches and pain through rotational, symmetric exercise and stretches.  When you’ve got an old injury, that removes you from life now and then, you drop out of life unsure how to re begin.  Having a plan and a place to go,  gives you a sense of normalcy and hope, which is so very important to self esteem and commitment.  ” The social support and community where others know your name also helps you to honor and have patience with your body.” This is not some loud pounding,  twisted on the floor,  group exercise class where no one checks on you. Classes are small and monitored. You are unique. Vicki has three levels of modifications from beginner to advanced, with or without a chair.

Vicki is passionate about sparing others not to fall thru the cracks in the system, as she did after her knee surgery. She reports “after physical therapy, she bounced from group class to group class, getting re-injured right and left and then going back solo to the gym. This was not only frustrating and time consuming, but lonely and depressing.”

In her frustration she thought, why shouldn’t more people have access to effective yet gentle strategic exercise to accommodate their shoulders, backs, knees and wrists?

Not every one has insurance or can afford a physical therapy prescription for every joint or has the time to go sit at the doctors office to get a referral. You have to have a critical problem before the doc even writes a script for PT and often they first try drugs. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for all of this and it can be a God send but after the crisis is over often people are lob sided in their strength and it becomes a vicious cycle unless they exercise strategically. Thus BONE MAKERS was born.

Vicki created, researched, consulted and used her own multiple hardships from over-use injuries to inherited joint/spine challenges plus the  experience based practices developed from five years of teaching BONE MAKERS in her local community of Brevard. This is her ministry.  She walks the walk and talks the talk. She is there with you, having healed her own osteoporosis.

Vicki also offers ASEA spray for natural healing. Tested on athletes, ASEA improved their endurance and stalled their “hitting the wall” in marathon races. The  trillion Redox molecules in ASEA are the bodies  super connectors between cells. They boost ones’ antioxidants 500%! How’s that for evening the playing field? They are natural and native the body.  As we age and have conditions, our supply and quality of cellular communication thru Redox signaling diminishes . Without Redox molecules, there would be no Paul Revere telling your brain, you have an injury or attack on your body. Your patriot healers  would not respond to injury, like a team without a coach!  Fortunately for us, ASEA is absorbed topically thru the skin  or can be drunk orally, a jigger or two a  day.  It  reduces inflammation and bruising where ever you spray it too!  Her mother got rid of her sore, swollen knees and pain, by spraying it on and was able to resume walking again. Her grandson, resolved a sidewalk head bruise & bump in just 6 hours before mom and dad got home.

ASEA can be drunk for internal healing. Vicki herself has gotten rid of a lung nodule drinking a 2 shots a day for a month. After two years of drinking it also she resolved a gene deficiency( or the expression of it) surprising the socks off  her pulmonologist.

Either way, drunk or sprayed, ASEA replenishes your body’s Redox molecules, allowing accelerated, speed healing. Vicki reports, many people in her classes have lost knee pain, psoriasis, trigger finger, lessened acne, healing of bruises, arthritis, headaches, itching, erased itchy, mango rash on face, scabs, over active immune system, lessened bee sting allergy reaction, ear aches and colds with ASEA. Try it.  See for yourself what it does.

Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, subscribes to standards of the ACSM American College Of Sport Medicine